Community Building!

The company I’ve decided to research is DAVIDsTEA, I place I actually do a little bit of work for! I actually do some promotional work for them in the form of chalkboard signs, and have decided to research how they create and grow a community. One of the best ways that DAVIDsTEA creates a community is that they use two Facebook groups purely for opinions and news sharing among their fans. The first one is for anyone who drinks tea and is a fan of their product. The second is actually for employees, and usually more company sensitive knowledge will be posted in that group. Anyone is allowed to post opinions on whatever new tea is out, or even old teas. Also, polls are posted every so often that allows anyone to contribute on what they would like to have put into stores.
The reasons why the company’s community is so positive and uplifting is mainly due to the impact that is created in store. By giving customers a say in what they want, and listening to their comments on online social media, DAVIDsTEA let them know that they’re heard and they matter.
Community Handling Support and Marketing
• Customers know they’re important when they see other REAL customers being supported the same way. It builds customer moral.
• Provides a good image for your company.
• Easier growth. Those who receive support from companies end up supporting others. It creates a community.
• Possibility of your image being ruined from a single post.
• False information can be spread.

Trying to figure out marketing strategies like:

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