Who can see this BLOG POST?

Facebook is notoriously known for having their privacy setting availability changed many times over the course of its lifetime. Currently for their privacy section of the Settings option, you are simply asked three questions. Who can see my stuff? Who can contact me? Who can look me up?
Who can see my stuff?
This section basically asks you about every post you make on Facebook, and also every post ANYONE ELSE makes relating to you. Anything that you are tagged automatically is collected somewhere on your own profile. Whether that’s a photo or even a status completely unrelated, it will be there. In order to manage this section, you can choose what people can see on your profile, as well as what people can tag you in. This is a preventative so that you don’t get related to an offensive image or the like.
Who can contact me?
This one’s simple. Who do you even want to add you? There are two options here that allow everyone on the entirety of Facebook to add you, or only Friends of your current friends. Allowing only “friends of friends” to add you completely removes the ADD button from anyone’s interface who doesn’t share a mutual friend with you already.
Who can look me up?
This is like the modern version of taking yourself off the Yellow pages. People can look you up on Facebook through the email you provided upon signing up as well as your phone number if you included that. This setting takes off the options of people finding you, if you so wish. The last setting changes your profile so that it doesn’t come up when you Google your name. No more social stalking.

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